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July-August 2019

  1. To All of Our Valued Patients,

    Summertime! We hope you get to enjoy the beach, the parks, and the warmer weather---and we hope you stay safe and healthy during any summer travels!

    Hard to believe we are halfway through 2019. As we hit summer, this is a good time to follow up on any end-of-the-year health goals or tests from late 2018-early 2019. Schedule some time to get in for updated bloodwork or a follow up appointment with your doctor to review these issues before we get into Fall and the holidays! Now that we are in the height of the great weather and extended sunlight, let's work on increasing activity levels! Get out there and move! Not only will it help with weight control or loss, but it will help with circulation, joint lubrication, and mood. The power of exercise is endless---let's take advantage of our beautiful Southern California climate and make the most of it!

    Please consider making and appointment with your doctor if you have questions about the reports on the low-dose aspirin for heart attack and stroke prevention, or the recent measles outbreaks in our nation. Most of the online information may not have the full story, so the best way to understand is to have a one-on-one with your doc!

    Keep checking back for new updates at Kolvita! The doctors are looking into a new non-invasive treatment option for joint pain, muscle and tendon injuries and nerve issues...we will have more information about this soon!

    **Kolvita does have a cap on the number of patient members we will allow. There may be a time shortly when we meet our limit and start a waiting list. WE WILL GIVE SPECIAL CONSIDERATION TO ANY INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE REFERRED TO US BY CURRENT MEMBERS. If you have anyone that is interested in our style of practice, please send them our way!**

    2. To Any New Visitors to Our Website,

    For those of you that are curious about our practice--maybe visiting this site for the first time--here are a few Q&A items that might help you understand more:
    1. What is Direct Primary Care? DPC is a model that has the patient/member pay an annual membership fee for all services provided in the primary care setting. Our office will not bill any commercial insurance plans for services, as they are covered by the membership fee. Therefore, the patient does not need to worry about a co-pay and they will not receive a bill for any services or deductibles not met! For patients with high deductible plans, this is a great option...
    2. Is this a Concierge practice? Our practice does include many attributes found in concierge medicine: small patient panels to allow the doctors to focus their attention more individually, 24/7 access to YOUR doctor, guaranteed same-day/next-day appointments, "un-rushed" visits, and hassle-free scheduling. Plus, our practice offers added benefits that are typically not covered by insurance, such as the nutrition/fitness/mobility assessments and the one-on-one health goals assessment with the doctor. We also have a very warm, inviting, quiet office---without the crowds found in many hospital-run offices or managed care clinics.
    3. But I have "GOOD" insurance, why would I sign up for Direct Primary Care? Our model is not a replacement for insurance. We encourage our members to have some form of insurance for major medical issues, specialty care/consults, and laboratory/radiology/testing performed outside of our office. In regards to having "GOOD" insurance---what does that mean today? We used to think PPO insurance was "GOOD," as it allowed patients to see any doctor they wanted, their medications were covered, studies and tests were covered, their doctors would receive excellent reimbursement for their services, and there were very few hassles or paperwork required for appeals or authorizations. That has all changed in this new era of healthcare. What we are finding is that even most insurance plans that look "GOOD" on the surface are actually just the opposite behind the scenes. Doctors are getting reimbursed less--they are spending more time dealing with the barriers regarding medications and studies and procedures in the primary care setting. More man-hours and paperwork are required in the form of appeals and authorizations by the doctors and their staff. Small offices are forced to see more patients everyday---even those with "GOOD" insurance---to keep up the bottom line. So even when you have "GOOD" insurance, you are getting lumped into this ever-growing pool of patients that are becoming a "number" within the assembly line, and less of an individual patient!
    4. I have a Health Savings/Flexible Spending Account, how does that work? HSA/FSA accounts do work within our new program in a specific way. Please call our office to receive more information regarding this option.
    5. I have an Affordable Care Plan, HMO or Kaiser plan. How does Kolvita work with them? The biggest issue with any managed care plan is that for specialist consults, major tests like MRI's and CT scans, and medical supplies, the patient needs a referral from their "assigned primary care doctor" for the insurance company to get these approved. In our program, our doctors will take over your everyday medical care, but we will also attempt to work closely with your "assigned" primary care doctor when you are in need of the specific referrals or testing. Most of the time, the patient will only have to see the "assigned" doctor once or twice a year.

    **Call to set up a complimentary meeting with one of our doctors to answer any other questions you may have about our unique program!!**

    Thank you from the Physicians and Staff of Kolvita Family Medical Group