Kolvita Family Medical Group membership plans do not replace medical insurance, but work in conjunction with any type of insurance plan--including PPO, HMO, Kaiser, Medicare, Tricare, Medicare Advantage and Affordable Care Act plans!

Membership Plans

Removing the Barriers...

Our goal at Kolvita is to tailor our membership plans to each individual and their specific personal and/or family's needs.  In order to provide the highest level of personalized healthcare to each patient--depending on their individualized medical needs and goals--we will take our standard membership plan and adjust it accordingly.  The fees for our membership plans range from $140 to $250 per month.  (Payment option discounts are available for those who pay annually or semiannually)

​**call us for more details**

Kolvita Family Medical Group 

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Specialty Plans

For Unique Healthcare Situations...

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)-specific program

  • Weight Management Plans

  • Surgical Clearance with Post-operative care option

  • Group or Small Business plans (Discounted Annual Fees)

  • Young Adult Memberships (Ages 21-30, if applicable) at special rates

  • Low-cost Basic Care Plans (call for details...)

*Contact our office for more information on these unique plans and their pricing

Balance Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy

Our partner in your healthcare...

We are pleased to partner with Balance Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy and owner, Mark Wegener, Doctor of Physical Therapy, to assist in achieving your longterm healthcare goals. Emphasizing the wellness approach to achieve a healthier quality of life through fitness, nutrition, and balance - literally and metaphorically - they will help by providing a wellness exam for all joining members, which can then use as the basis for setting up a healthy life model for each individual.  Discounted therapy options may also be available for our members.


Located across the street from our office:      www.balancerehab.net


 We are excited to be able to offer this unique service to our Direct Primary Care program!

23832 Rockfield Blvd.  Unit 240

Lake Forest, CA  92630

Call their office for any further details...(949) 465-9500