"As the 'S. Family,' what we consider your best practices are: 1-availability of both Dr. Davis and Dr. Zeller...provides piece of mind--especially in emergency situations; 2-your staff remembers us!  Dinah S. and family

"People are always astounded by the fact that I can just text, call and speak to my doctor 24/7.  I love Kolvita!  AND I can usually get same day appointments if necessary.  I don't have to sit in the waiting room for an hour (the usual wait time is 5 minutes or less) and Dr. Zeller spends as much time as I need in the examining room.  I never feel rushed or hurried.  At my age, I want a doctor that knows my health history, and can respond to my needs.  Need a prescription refill? I just text it, and 'boom' it is at the pharmacy in minutes.  I am spoiled now.  Thank you Dr. Z!"     Rhea T.

"All of my friends are in AWE at the attention I receive from Dr. Davis, as well as how personalized her practice is with me.  No one in my "circle" has anything like it from their Practitioner or Health Group.  I told Dr. Davis during the year, which was very traumatic for me physically, that I shudder to think that I might have decided not to sign up with Kolvita.  My experience would have been entirely different if I didn't have the weekly visits while in Rehab, the ability to text and be a 'nuisance' when something bothered me or when I had questions, and the unwavering advocacy of my care.  As I face a new year with new challenges I take the most comfort from my relationship with MY DOCTOR."   Lorraine F.

Kolvita Family Medical Group 

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"Dr. Zeller, I may be the slowest, but I also may be the most grateful for the 'Walk with the Doc' program.  That program not only introduced me to the park but also gave me incentive to lose the weight that has been creeping up for years.  In addition, it shows me that my doctors are serious about helping their patients while providing the opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere.  That will translate into making office visits less stressful."    Eileen B.

COVID-19 UPDATES (7/19/21)

Hello Kolvita Family, 

We decided to send out an email this week as a lot of things are changing.  Covid cases are rising.  In fact, as of 7/18, Covid + cases are rising in all 50 states due to the new Delta variant.  Hospitalizations are also rising in all 50 states--but mainly in areas of low vaccination rates.  And in Los Angeles, County officials this weekend have returned to a mask mandate for all indoor activities--regardless of vaccine status--due to the steady rise in cases since the mandate was lifted in June.  In LA on June 15th, they recorded 210 new Covid cases.  That number was 1,537 on July 15th, with 71% being of the Delta-variant variety.  So, we wanted to update you with some of our local data, and to reiterate how important it is to not let our guard down in terms of protection against this virus--especially for those of you who have not been vaccinated yet.  We also wanted to give you information/data on the vaccine to date.

Here is the info today:

Orange County Numbers (as of 7/13/21)

- 1,381 new cases since 7/13, which averages to about 967 cases/week *this is up from the previous 2 weeks where weekly cases averaged 316 cases/week)
- 10 deaths since 7/3 (~7/week *this is down from previous 2 weeks of ~10/week)
- 119 hospitalized patients (63 on 7/3)
- 25 ICU patients (12 on 7/3)
- 3-day average change in hospitalized patients is +30%

Vaccine Numbers:
- 42.92 Million doses have been given in California
- 3.60 Million doses have been given in Orange County
*California has a surplus inventory of 4.2 Million doses on hand currently*

Getting the Vaccine:

- please go to this website: http://www.myturnca.gov
- this site has information on where to get the vaccine locally.  In the information gathering portion of this site, there is an area to request getting a home appointment, if you or a loved one cannot leave the house!


The biggest concern with the new Delta variant is in those who have not been vaccinated yet.  The CDC reports that >99% of all current Covid deaths are among people who were not vaccinated.  Also, hospitalizations are almost exclusively for those unvaccinated individuals.  The director of LA County Department of Health Services stated this weekend: "To date, we have not admitted a patient to a county hospital that has been fully vaccinated."  The New York Times quoted an ER physician from Missouri: "If patients are sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, they are unvaccinated.  That is the absolute common denominator amongst these patients."

- New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) reports a study on male fertility and the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna).  This study of men ages 18-50 collected samples of semen before and 2 weeks after vaccine #2.  The semen analysis in these study participants showed NO decrease in sperm counts post-vaccine.

- NEJM also reports 2 studies that show those that received a vaccine AFTER recovering from Covid infection have an increased B-cell and T-cell response that is 5-10X greater than that of those individuals that had the infection or the vaccine alone.

**Please contact the office if you need any information of getting vaccinated.  We still have not received any information from the Federal Government regarding us being able to stock vaccines in our office, but there are plenty of convenient options locally to get vaccinated**

Have a wonderful and safe week,

Dr. Davis, Dr. Zeller and Kolvita Staff