COVID-19 UPDATES (9/27/21)

Hello Kolvita Family, 

Orange County Public Health Department released some data: as of 9/17/21, 69.8% of eligible OC residents are FULLY vaccinated, while 79.3% have received at least one dose.  This is great news for our community at-large!

Booster news:  Currently, the Pfizer booster is EUA-approved to be given to those in the population that are 65+, those 18+ that are immunocompromised, those 18+ that are in long-term care facilities, and all healthcare workers.  The booster is to be given 6 months after the second vaccine was given.  As for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, FDA representatives state they hope to have the relevant information to give recommendations in the next 4-6 weeks.  As for mixing vaccines?  A study was launched in June of 2021 and according to the study reviewers, "the data should be available on this study in the coming weeks."

Monoclonal Antibodies for Covid-19:  Due to shortages nationwide, monoclonal antibodies are being prioritized for the treatment of Covid-19 in those that are at highest risk for severe disease.  Priority will be given to #1 unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals that are high risk for severe disease and #2 vaccinated individuals who are immunocompromised and are not expected to mount a strong response to their vaccines.  As of this email, here in Orange County, there are only two ways to get monoclonal antibody treatments: by going through the Emergency Departments of all our major hospitals OR through one local urgent care that has a supply called "Xpress Urgent Care" in Tustin.  In both cases, the individual would be fully screened to see if you meet the priority criteria.  Unfortunately, in the past few months, 70% of the country's supply of this treatment option has gone to 7 states: Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas---states with the worst vaccination rates and loose masking policies during the most recent spikes in Coronavirus.

Orange County Numbers (as of 9/23/21)

- 2,383 new cases this week (3,046 last week)
- 40 deaths (45 last week)
- 308 hospitalized patients (367 last week)
- 76 ICU patients (108 last week)
- 3-day average change in hospitalized patients is +0.7% (-7.4% last week)
- As of 9/23/21, Covid + rate for vaccinated individuals is 4.4/100,000 (previous 4.0/100K)
- As of 9/23/21, Covid + rate for unvaccinated individuals is 21.4/100,000 (previous 22.9/100K)

Vaccinations (as of 9/23/21)

- 48.9 Million doses given in California
- 4.06M given in Orange County
- 6.03M doses are currently available in the state

Getting the Vaccine:

- please go to this website:
- this site has information on where to get the vaccine locally.  In the information gathering portion of this site, there is an area to request getting a home appointment, if you or a loved one cannot leave the house!

**Please contact the office if you need any information of getting vaccinated.  We still have not received any information from the Federal Government regarding us being able to stock vaccines in our office, but there are plenty of convenient options locally to get vaccinated**

Have a wonderful and safe week,

Dr. Davis, Dr. Zeller and Kolvita Staff

"All of my friends are in AWE at the attention I receive from Dr. Davis, as well as how personalized her practice is with me.  No one in my "circle" has anything like it from their Practitioner or Health Group.  I told Dr. Davis during the year, which was very traumatic for me physically, that I shudder to think that I might have decided not to sign up with Kolvita.  My experience would have been entirely different if I didn't have the weekly visits while in Rehab, the ability to text and be a 'nuisance' when something bothered me or when I had questions, and the unwavering advocacy of my care.  As I face a new year with new challenges I take the most comfort from my relationship with MY DOCTOR."   Lorraine F.

"Dr. Zeller, I may be the slowest, but I also may be the most grateful for the 'Walk with the Doc' program.  That program not only introduced me to the park but also gave me incentive to lose the weight that has been creeping up for years.  In addition, it shows me that my doctors are serious about helping their patients while providing the opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere.  That will translate into making office visits less stressful."    Eileen B.

"People are always astounded by the fact that I can just text, call and speak to my doctor 24/7.  I love Kolvita!  AND I can usually get same day appointments if necessary.  I don't have to sit in the waiting room for an hour (the usual wait time is 5 minutes or less) and Dr. Zeller spends as much time as I need in the examining room.  I never feel rushed or hurried.  At my age, I want a doctor that knows my health history, and can respond to my needs.  Need a prescription refill? I just text it, and 'boom' it is at the pharmacy in minutes.  I am spoiled now.  Thank you Dr. Z!"     Rhea T.

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Kolvita Family Medical Group 

"As the 'S. Family,' what we consider your best practices are: 1-availability of both Dr. Davis and Dr. Zeller...provides piece of mind--especially in emergency situations; 2-your staff remembers us!  Dinah S. and family