"I have been a patient of Dr Linda Davis for many years now and remained with her practice once if became a concierge practice. Dr Davis is a knowledgeable and well qualified physician who strives to give 100% to her patients.

She is personable and a compassionate  individual who listens to her patients and comes up with a plan of care that not only will take care of whatever issue they have but, that the patient is comfortable with. Dr Davis has hired staff that compliment her gentle and caring ways of practicing medicine.

The practice stands behind their mission statement of a family atmosphere and uses well trained and well qualified caring staff. I have had a few emergencies over the years and Dr Davis is easy to reach and quick to be attentive to whatever the issue is to resolve it. Dr Davis keeps her learning current and has a wide range of specialists who are amazing that she refers to and collaborates with as needed. "   

 - Melissa P.


"Dr. Zeller and his entire staff are extraordinary in providing medical services to my husband and me in an extremely personal, sensitive, and friendly manner.  It is very comforting to know that when we need to see a doctor because we are ill, Dr. Zeller always responds in a timely manner, and we are able to get an appointment the same day of our call.  Dr. Zeller is very professional and knowledgeable. He has a casual but caring personality, and he takes the time to listen to us and make us feel like we are not just patients but friends. 
Dr. Zeller's office manager, Becky, and the medical staff are very welcoming and competent.
They have helped to developed good communication between the doctor and patients. Thank you Kolvita for making our medical visits so positive."   
- Gloria R.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Davis’ for over 20 years! Dr. Davis not only provides me with the BEST medical care, she knows me as a person and is a trusted friend. Our visits are never hurried and I always leave feeling so grateful for her care and advice.

She is constantly learning new ways to help her patients and is open to different methods of treatment depending on their needs. She has the special gift of connection that is rare to find in the medical field especially in these times.

Her staff is a reflection of her and they always make me feel comfortable and go above and beyond to accommodate my needs. Kolvita Medical is personalized medical care with the most dedicated staff you will ever encounter. I’m so thankful for Dr. Davis and her practice."

- Donna L.

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COVID-19 UPDATES (8/8/22)

Hello Kolvita Family,

The currently long Covid surge in Southern California is finally starting to decline--with both + cases and hospitalizations dropping.  These are encouraging signs to local health officials as we transition from summer to fall and the start of school.  This trend makes it less likely there will be any new indoor mask mandates for schools or businesses as we move into September---although this can change if we encounter any new variant or see an upward trend in + cases and/or hospitalizations.

Covid News

- California recently topped 10 million total Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic; however, most health officials believe the true number is closer to 30 million--when you account for those with positive symptoms that never tested or those who tested at home and are not reported.
- According to US Government officials, the new Covid-19 vaccine booster targeting the Omicron variant will be rolled out in all states this September.  No specific timing has been laid out, but both Moderna and Pfizer signed contracts with the US Government to supply these vaccine boosters when the CDC and FDA initial their action plan.  There has yet to be any word on the timing to get this new booster from when one received their first or second "regular" booster---but it was announced the new "Omicron" booster will be approved for ages 5 and up.

Orange County Numbers (as of 8/5/22)

- Orange County positivity rate: 17.7% (19.3% two weeks ago)
- Orange County daily rate: 32.3/100K  (37.2 two weeks ago)
- California positivity rate: 14.4% (16.4% two weeks ago)
- California daily rate: 37.7/100K  (45.6 two weeks ago)
- 14,958 new cases the past 14 days (17,327 the previous 14 days) 
- 46 deaths the past 14 days (44 the previous 14 days)
- 271 hospitalized patients (315 two weeks ago)
- 33 ICU patients (50 two weeks ago)
- 3-day average change in hospitalized patients is -11.5%
- As of 8/5/22, Covid + rate for unvaccinated individuals decreased by 11.3% (previous 2 weeks was +4.6%)
- As of 8/5/22, Covid + rate for vaccinated without booster individuals decreased by 9.2% (previous was +1.4%)
- As of 8/5/22, Covid + rate for vaccinated plus boosted individuals decreased by 18.2% (previous was -0.6%)

More Covid related info:

- the CDC website has a "Quarantine and Isolation Calculator" to help determine what each person should do regarding their situation.  You input your details and it will give you the current recommended advice.   Here is the link:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/quarantine-isolation.html


**Please contact our office or talk to your doctor if you need any information of getting vaccinated** or please go to www.myturn.ca.gov

Please continue to be safe and stay healthy!

Dr. Davis, Dr. Zeller and Kolvita Staff