"Dr. Zeller, I may be the slowest, but I also may be the most grateful for the 'Walk with the Doc' program. 

That program not only introduced me to the park but also gave me incentive to lose the weight that has been creeping up for years.  In addition, it shows me that my doctors are serious about helping their patients while providing the opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere.  That will translate into making office visits less stressful."    

- Eileen B.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Davis’ for over 20 years! Dr. Davis not only provides me with the BEST medical care, she knows me as a person and is a trusted friend. Our visits are never hurried and I always leave feeling so grateful for her care and advice.

She is constantly learning new ways to help her patients and is open to different methods of treatment depending on their needs. She has the special gift of connection that is rare to find in the medical field especially in these times.

Her staff is a reflection of her and they always make me feel comfortable and go above and beyond to accommodate my needs. Kolvita Medical is personalized medical care with the most dedicated staff you will ever encounter. I’m so thankful for Dr. Davis and her practice."

- Donna L.

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"I have been a patient of Dr Linda Davis for many years now and remained with her practice once if became a concierge practice. Dr Davis is a knowledgeable and well qualified physician who strives to give 100% to her patients.

She is personable and a compassionate  individual who listens to her patients and comes up with a plan of care that not only will take care of whatever issue they have but, that the patient is comfortable with. Dr Davis has hired staff that compliment her gentle and caring ways of practicing medicine.

The practice stands behind their mission statement of a family atmosphere and uses well trained and well qualified caring staff. I have had a few emergencies over the years and Dr Davis is easy to reach and quick to be attentive to whatever the issue is to resolve it. Dr Davis keeps her learning current and has a wide range of specialists who are amazing that she refers to and collaborates with as needed. "   

 - Melissa P.

COVID-19 UPDATES (1/10/22)

Hello Kolvita Family,

We are in the midst of one of the largest spikes in Covid cases over the past 2 years.  The good news, overall, is that the majority of cases are exhibiting milder symptoms and less life-threatening complications.  However, this does not mean that those who are high risk or are around those who are risk should not continue to be as careful as possible.  We are still seeing a rise in hospitalizations in the OC.

Due to the high demand for Covid testing, we have had a back-order on tests in our office.  Unfortunately, this means we can only utilize the tests we do have for our patients (not any family/friends who are not members) and only those that are symptomatic or with high risk exposure.  We have also seen many patients test negative on a Rapid Antigen test initially and then test positive after 3-5 days.  We recommend that if you are symptomatic and a rapid test is negative, get a PCR test and/or recheck a Rapid test in 3-5 days.

IF YOU TEST POSITIVE OR ARE EXPOSED, here is the updated guidance by the California Department of Public Health (see the included tables): 



- The Orange County Health Department (OCPH) reports that Omicron represents anywhere from 85% to 92% of all Covid cases.  It was also reported that the most common monoclonal antibody treatment options we have are NOT effective against the Omicron variant.  Thus, the OCPH department has suspended the distribution of antibody infusion medications.  The one monoclonal antibody medication that is effective against Omicron is in a severe shortage and is only being used in OC hospitals for those at highest risk for poor outcomes.
- The oral antiviral medications that are effective against Covid will be distributed to limited pharmacies in South Orange County.  We do not know when they will be available, but we do know they will be in limited supply and will be given out to high risk individuals first.  The five locations locally will be CVS pharmacies:  CVS on Antonio Parkway in RSM, CVS on Muirlands in Lake Forest, CVS on El Camino Real in San Clemente, CVS on Paseo de Valencia in Laguna Woods and CVS on Harvard in Irvine.
- the FDA has approved the booster of the Pfizer vaccine for youth ages 12 to 15 years old.  It is to be given 6 months after the second vaccine.
- NEJM study reports that blood levels in individuals with the highest neutralization of the Omicron variant are those who have had the booster of Moderna or Pfizer.  The neutralization of Omicron in these individuals was much higher than those with a history of previous infection or those with just the primary vaccine series.
- the British Journal of Medicine report shows that Omicron more effectively invades nasopharyngeal tissue than it does in lower respiratory tissue--this is a major reason we are seeing more mild, upper respiratory symptoms and less ICU intubations or pneumonia cases than previous spikes.

Orange County Numbers (as of 1/7/22)

- 38,697 new cases the past 7 days (17,332 the previous 14 days) 
- 16 deaths the past 14 days (39 the previous 14 days)
- 779 hospitalized patients (420 last week)
- 122 ICU patients (86 last week)
- 3-day average change in hospitalized patients is +29.4% (+45.8% one week ago)
- As of 1/7/22, Covid + rate for vaccinated individuals is 108.5/100,000 (previous 21.6/100K on 12/25/21)
- As of 1/7/22, Covid + rate for unvaccinated individuals is 180.1/100,000 (previous 83.0/100K on 12/25/21)
* Percentage of hospitalized patients that are unvaccinated: 87%
* Percentage of ICU patients that are unvaccinated: 88%

Vaccinations (as of 1/7/22)

- 66.28 Million doses given in California
- 5.47M given in Orange County
- 6.17M doses are currently available in the state
- 10.87M Boosters given in California

Getting the Vaccine:

- please go to this website: myturn.ca.gov   This site has information on where to get the vaccine locally.  In the information gathering portion of this site, there is an area to request getting a home appointment, if you or a loved one cannot leave the house!  You can also do an online search for "Covid vaccine booster near me" and you will get information on locations (pharmacies) that offer the booster

**Please contact our office or talk to your doctor if you need any information of getting vaccinated**

Please continue to be safe and stay healthy!

Dr. Davis, Dr. Zeller and Kolvita Staff